To be a good storyteller, you need two things: a story worth telling and an audience on the edge of their seats. We’ll make sure there are enough chairs.

New York Cider Association:

Bringing Cider Week to WNY

Considering that New York is the second-largest apple producer in the country, it comes as no surprise that Western New Yorkers love hard cider and embrace it as a part of the local food culture. Looking to break into the Western New York market to launch their inaugural Cider Week event, the New York Cider Association teamed up with FARM and Pathfinder.

Beyond the objective of generating event attendance, the New York Cider Association also made it their goal to further educate cider drinkers in the area about hard cider benefits and dispel common misconceptions along the way. As market researchers, Pathfinder set out to collect data for consumer perception of cider—including how it’s served and consumed.

The challenge in this campaign was to spread awareness of the event and spark interest for attendance. Further, FARM and Pathfinder needed to collaborate on the project to craft a cohesive campaign to entice and educate the local community.

Building upon existing brand standards, we updated creative and developed an integrated media campaign to help promote events across a ten-day period. FARM secured paid digital ads as well as television and radio broadcast, print, and social media coverage to optimize ROI.

The campaign was considered an “unprecedented success”—delivering a 50% boost in attendance compared to previous years’ events, and a measured 24% positive impact on consumer perception of hard cider. Cheers to that!

Client Testimonial:

“With FARM’s support on market research, media planning, public relations, design and content, the New York Cider Association was able to launch a promotional festival to unprecedented success, despite being in a new market for us. FARM helped us focus our resources on high ROI advertising channels, get the messaging right for the community, and measure the impact of our effort. Thanks to FARM’s advice and efforts on our behalf, Cider Week saw a 50% lift in attendance at key events staged in previous years, and a 24% increase in consumer understanding what hard cider is. What’s more, the entire team is curious, kind, and efficient. I look forward to working on future projects with FARM and would encourage anyone working on marketing in WNY in the farm-based food and craft beverage space to engage with them for optimal impact.”

Graycliff: Brand and Communications Evolution

Graycliff, a Frank Lloyd Wright property outside of Buffalo, New York, needed a brand refresh to drive visitor traffic. Upon analyzing their visitor surveys, we learned that Graycliff’s communications didn’t do enough to distinguish Graycliff from the Darwin D. Martin House—Wright’s other landmark Buffalo property. In addition to evolving Graycliff’s identity to convey a more contemporary look and feel, we expanded the narrative using video to highlight its rich history and deployed an aggressive PR campaign to earn local media coverage. The result has been a sustained increase in visitors.

Xtime: Spectrum Product Line

With their new product, Spectrum, Xtime wasn’t just launching a new, integrated service retention solution to dealerships, they were introducing an entirely new approach to driving owner loyalty. So we got to work on giving Spectrum its name, its story, and a bold identity that we tested through focus groups in four U.S. cities. The result was a dynamic and compelling launch campaign orchestrated in time for a key national convention.