In case you haven’t heard, SKM Group is now FARM. Hear directly from Larry Robb, our owner and CEO, why we are FARM and what we’re all about.

So, Larry, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: “Why FARM?”

FARM represents growth. At our core, that’s our focus. We grow our clients’ businesses, in addition to growing our people by investing in their career development. The fact that I live on a farm is just a happy coincidence.

It sounds like FARM is more than just a new name. How else has the agency changed with the rebrand?

During the past three years, we’ve evolved our client offerings, shifting from a traditional agency that provides marketing services to a valued strategic partner that drives growth. We do this by aligning clients’ marketing strategies with their overall business objectives. This is how our clients talk about us now, even though we still have the same talented people performing the work. We didn’t build a new agency to match the brand; we created a new brand that best represents how we serve our clients.

Is “Idea Cultivation” part of your new approach?

Idea Cultivation isn’t just part of our approach or a specific service we provide. It’s what we do. It’s about listening to our clients’ marketing goals and business objectives, and gathering ideas and insights along the way. Then we use that input, along with our own ideas and expertise, to shape strategy and content, and identify how to best execute the work. Talking with our clients first—rather than making immediate recommendations—is how we consistently deliver successful results.

What’s next for FARM?

We’ve got a lot of good action on the way. Our website is up and running at growwithfarm.com, but keep checking back because we’re always adding more content to give visitors a closer look at our work and areas of expertise. Our newsletter and blogs will also reflect our new identity and approach to helping our clients grow. And, we’ll be in Buffalo Business First’s “Book of Lists” at the end of the year with a multi-page spread that formally introduces FARM to the business community.

There are so many other small, but significant changes happening. Feel free to email me at Larry.Robb@farmbuffalo.com and we’ll add you to our mailing list. Or, you could always stop by our office to say hello.

It’s not every day that the doctor becomes the patient, so undergoing a rebranding ourselves was a fun, sometimes exhausting, yet overall exhilarating experience. I’m so proud of the agency we’ve become, our client partners who helped us get there and, most of all our people.



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