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marketing. So, we wrote it all down for you.

What’s in? Everything. What’s out? Nothing. From understanding the latest trends to staying updated on algorithms, we cover it all. Keep reading to find out how you can make your social media strategy ready and hot to go.
The 2024 eclipse sparked people all over the US to travel to the path of totality and then google why their eyes hurt. What else did we search? From eclipse glasses to Twilight Eclipse, the internet had a field day.
Quality web form design is crucial for efficient data management in marketing. Clean data leads to accurate targeting, increased engagement, and customer trust. It also provides insights into consumer behavior, enabling real-time strategy adjustments. Creating web forms compatible with CRM systems is essential for transforming disorganized data into valuable information
Uncover the power of customer journey mapping and understand how it shapes successful strategies. Explore the significance of customer interviews, data automation, and tailoring maps for different segments. Discover the benefits of mapping different stages and personas, fostering loyalty, and gaining a competitive advantage. Get practical tips and a template
Regain power from digital vendors, their fancy words, and stock imagery with data. Data is the great equalizer if you know how to read the tea leaves. In this article, we’ll explore a few ways you can source and utilize some of the best data out there—your own.
Google Analytics is more engagement-focused, which means how things are measured is changing. Keep reading to learn about the new GA4 metrics and what they mean for you.
Even the savviest marketers can find content planning overwhelming. There are various content types to choose from and even more ways to share. And how do you know what’s best for your audience? What about performance? How should you determine those goals? Downloads? Shares? Comments? Yes, there’s a lot to
All successful companies are customer-obsessed. They know their customers and work hard to serve the needs they have today and those of tomorrow. The best companies have the humility to know that customers choose what products they buy or how to spend their time. They also know that customer loyalty
We’ve reviewed best practices for approaching your audience and creative specific to email marketing (if you haven’t read them yet, I would 11/10 recommend). However, email marketing is only as successful as its foundation—the technical requirements behind the campaign.
social media and passed by something that caught your eye? No, of course not. Because the creative was written and designed to get your attention. And it worked. When a brand’s creative doesn’t connect with its target audiences, it results in unrealized ROI.
Digital marketing is comprised of many different tactics, offering a great advantage to your marketing strategy to keep your brand relevant, fresh, and directly in your audiences’ face. A great way to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds is email marketing. But in the last decade, email marketing has
Your customers have multiple touchpoints with your brand. Knowing where those points of contact are and if your customers are having a positive experience are critical to growing a successful business. Every touchpoint creates some form of data and knowing how to collect and aggregate that data is vital to
Thinking about creating an Instagram for your business? Before you start posting, make sure you’re set up for success. Read our latest blog to learn how.
Getting customers to flock to your brand is about more than employing some new marketing tactics. You need to create desire. Learn how in our latest blog.
Using branded GIFs on social media can help your company stand out, engage followers, and increase brand awareness. Learn more on our blog.
Part two of FARM’s Buzzword Breakdown series. We examine social media data scraping, its pros and cons, and if you should incorporate it into your marketing strategy.
Learn about the growth of user-generated content, its benefits, and why you should consider adding this cost-effective strategy to your marketing toolbox. 3 minute read
It’s never been more vital for businesses to maintain a positive brand identity. See our blog for three online reputation management tips to expand your reach during a pandemic.
Holiday shopping trends look a bit different in 2020. See how our client provided the convenient shopping experience their customers needed this year.
Check out best practices for the shift in shopping behavior from in-store to e-commerce purchasing.
Learn more about why alcohol brands should take the on-premise experience online to maintain customer engagement during the pandemic.
Financial services institutions still need to be marketing to Gen X. Learn more about the opportunities of this overlooked audience and how to reach them.
Millennials are changing and your marketing strategy for them should be too. Learn how to evolve your financial services marketing so it still resonates.
Understand how buyer personas can help your business succeed.
Are you interested in an audio streaming campaign but don't know where to star? Check out this blog to get started!
If you’ve ever received an email opening with “Dear [first name]” that got your name wrong, or even worse, didn’t include your name at all, then you know how frustrating it is.
How can your campaign voice impact your customers and your clients? Check out our blog to find out!
Is direct mail the best choice or a thing of the past? Check out our blog to find out!
With the changes over the past year, check out some best practices to update your campaigns as the country reopens.
Check out some technologies to assist with your customer communication.
Finding love and comfort in the kitchen as a family and as marketers.
What is the best way to adapt to the pandemic while keeping not only your business, but your consumers, in mind?

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