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Nobody likes to hear people squawk about

marketing. So, we wrote it all down for you.

Analyzing the importance of scores relative to one another allows me to prioritize and understand the strength of each priority relative to each other.
Grants provide a critical source of funding for utility providers. And with program funding typically allocated to only one utility, our client, PECO, turned to FARM for support.
All successful companies are customer-obsessed. They know their customers and work hard to serve the needs they have today and those of tomorrow. The best companies have the humility to know that customers choose what products they buy or how to spend their time. They also know that customer loyalty
Like many, you may be wondering if your data from 2020 has any value. Learn more about how you can use data to predict shifting consumer behavior in 2021.
Research shows that marketers may need to consider how COVID-19 is redefining their target audience and pivot their marketing strategy. Learn more here.
Understand how buyer personas can help your business succeed.
Prepare for the best, and worst, case scenario for back to school during COVID-19.
Learn 10 best practices on writing your market research survey questions.
Finding love and comfort in the kitchen as a family and as marketers.

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