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marketing. So, we wrote it all down for you.

Quality web form design is crucial for efficient data management in marketing. Clean data leads to accurate targeting, increased engagement, and customer trust. It also provides insights into consumer behavior, enabling real-time strategy adjustments. Creating web forms compatible with CRM systems is essential for transforming disorganized data into valuable information
Learn the art of scaling marketing operations to amplify reach and revenue without a budget hike. Optimize your marketing machine for efficiency and impact with strategic components and integrated tech. Explore the key steps to adapt, refine, and drive sustained growth.
Grants provide a critical source of funding for utility providers. And with program funding typically allocated to only one utility, our client, PECO, turned to FARM for support.
Digital marketing is comprised of many different tactics, offering a great advantage to your marketing strategy to keep your brand relevant, fresh, and directly in your audiences’ face. A great way to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds is email marketing. But in the last decade, email marketing has
Learn about the growth of user-generated content, its benefits, and why you should consider adding this cost-effective strategy to your marketing toolbox. 3 minute read
The most effective way to convert your leads to sales is by building relationships. Learn more about lead nurturing for high-value prospects on our blog.
Here are four effective ideas to bring life to your insurance multi-channel marketing strategy. Learn more on our blog!

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