Honoring Our Frontline Workers in Buffalo’s Latest Mural

The Baird Foundation partnered with Buffalo Delaware District Council Member Joel Feroleto and acclaimed local artist Chuck Tingley to add a new mural to Buffalo’s burgeoning public art scene.

When our friends at the Baird Foundation came to us with an exciting opportunity to share some wonderful news in our community, we jumped at the chance to provide public relations support.

This mural, dubbed “Tribute to Frontline Workers,“ serves as a public acknowledgment to the heroes fighting to keep our community’s needs safely met during the pandemic, along with providing an ongoing reminder of their commitment and sacrifice for years to come.

Catherine F. Schweitzer, Executive Director of The Baird Foundation said,

“We’re thrilled to partner with Council Member Joel Feroleto and Chuck Tingley to provide financial support for this inspiring mural as a lasting tribute to our essential workers. Mr. Tingley graciously donated his time and talent, and it’s The Baird Foundation’s honor and privilege to fund his supplies and expenses.”

You can visit (socially distant, of course) Tingley’s latest masterpiece at 1235 Hertel Avenue in the Hertel Alley, Buffalo, NY 14216.

Check out the media coverage FARM earned around this exciting project:

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