Matt Cascarino

Chief Creative Officer
Matt is a professional storyteller. That used to be a thinly veiled way to say you still lived with your parents. But the truth is stories have existed since the dawn of humanity and they still have the power to move people, even if it’s no longer from the path of a charging mammoth. Throughout his career on both the agency and client sides, Matt’s work has been known to compel audiences to indulge in higher thread counts, abandon Lenten sacrifice, or move to the suburbs. He’ll even conjugate a noun if he has to. The bottom line: Matt is our agency twofer. Strategy and Creative. The Big Idea and Stealth Deployment. He’s a single expense yielding a dual return. And who doesn’t love a bargain?
AI may be reshaping the way some people work. But here are three examples that prove real, live copywriters will always be superior to their chatbot rivals.
Your prospect doesn’t care enough about your product to just grab ‘n’ go. They want to know how your product can benefit them before they commit. The easiest way to do that is by structuring your pitch in this proven framework.
What’s the one thing you can use to make your copy infinitely better? Your voice. See how reading your copy out loud can help you make your words sing off the page.
Why do we get ideas in the shower? Or in the middle of the night? Or when we’re on a walk? It’s because our unconscious mind is wired for it.
Do you know the conversation going on in your customer’s head? If so, “pathological empathy” will open the doors to forging stronger connections with your audience.
Your origin story is arguably the most ownable aspect of your brand. It’s a singular experience spoken from a singular voice. If you haven’t explored the tale of how you came to be, here are some tips to help you get your first draft down.
Storytelling is a proven way for you to forge a connection with your audience. So, why do some marketers insist on letting their benefits do the talking instead?
Every great story has tension—including your brand’s. See how picking a fight with an opposing force uses the power of contrast to convey your product’s superiority.
You wouldn’t expect a salesperson to cut his pitch short to beat the traffic home. But so many marketers favor brevity over doing a complete selling job. Here are the steps you need to take before putting your offer on the table.
The Von Restorff Effect (also known as the “isolation effect”) is the human tendency to notice and recall things that stand out. And if you’re not using it in your marketing, you risk blending in with everything surrounding your message.

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