Jeff Schaefer

Chief Strategy Officer
Strategic planner, seasoned researcher, business consultant, interactive maven, media guru, and PR pro are a lot of titles to squeeze onto a business card. Sometimes, it’s easier to say “COO” and call it a day. Not that we want to diminish Jeff’s cross-functional expertise with a more comprehensive label; we would just rather spend the bulk of our time putting his experience to work for you. A lifelong baseball fanatic, Jeff knows a thing or two about combining raw data with predictive analytics to get results. Immersing himself in numerous forms of research—from media and syndicated to primary and secondary—he can unearth relevant and actionable insights to develop a game plan for long-term success, no matter how your market evolves.
Staying in your comfort zone isn’t always best for your marketing strategy. Neither is jumping into a plan that’s overly ambitious. Sometimes planning your marketing strategy can be like selecting the right wave.
Enduring client-agency relationships have become fewer and farther between. Learn why your relationship with your agency should feel more like a connection, and less like a transaction.
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Like many, you may be wondering if your data from 2020 has any value. Learn more about how you can use data to predict shifting consumer behavior in 2021.
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How past experience can help you turn your goals into a future opportunity.
If you’ve ever received an email opening with “Dear [first name]” that got your name wrong, or even worse, didn’t include your name at all, then you know how frustrating it is.
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With the changes over the past year, check out some best practices to update your campaigns as the country reopens.

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