Lead Generation

It used to be that your media buyer would place your ads, collect commission, and leave you waiting for the phone to ring. Then came science. Now, through persona development, behavioral targeting, and conversion mapping, we can help you match the right message with the right media to drive qualified leads. Your phone still rings, only now without all the waiting.

Stuff your sales funnel like a Thanksgiving turkey

Custom lead generation strategy, deployment, and reporting
You know that expression, “trust your gut”? Good for some decisions; bad for your marketing. So, we use data to drive strategy, campaign optimization, and revenue growth. And we measure performance in a few different ways to collect enough knowledge to fuel your next move. Beats investing all that money on a hunch.
Programmatic advertising
Increase efficiency, precision, and scale when buying and optimizing online ads.
Media buying
Reach across platforms and channels, including TV, radio, print, digital, social media, and outdoor.
Media planning
Define your target audience, campaign objectives, budget, and media channels to optimize reach.
Media strategy
Develop a plan to guide the selection, placement, and use of various media channels and platforms.
Ad sales
Leverage a network of contacts to buy inventory across channels.
Digital media planning
Select and optimize digital media channels, such as websites, social media, search engines, email, mobile apps, and more.
Cross channel advertising
Create a seamless and unified experience for consumers online and offline.
Campaign tracking
Monitor and measure the performance and effectiveness of your marketing campaign.
Search engine marketing
Increase your visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.
PPC advertising
Drive targeted traffic to your website by bidding on relevant keyword or phrase searches.
Paid social media
Use paid advertising to promote content, products, or services across platforms.
Google search ads
Attract customers with display ads at the top or bottom of Google’s search engine results pages.
Radio advertising
Promote products, services, events, or messages to a diverse and potentially large audience.
Outdoor advertising
Reach consumers outside with advertising and promotional activities featured in public spaces.
Direct marketing
Connect with consumers or business prospects with messaging designed to influence action.
Lead nurturing
Build and cultivate relationships with prospects throughout their buying journey.
Call and lead tracking
Measure and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales efforts.

Want references? Boom.

Case Study

How a utility contractor used digital ad direct marketing to package ad sell services to multifamily property owners.

Our Work

Our Take

Quality web form design is crucial for efficient data management in marketing. Clean data leads to accurate targeting, increased engagement, and customer trust. It also provides insights into consumer behavior, enabling real-time strategy adjustments. Creating web forms compatible with CRM systems is essential for transforming disorganized data into valuable information
Learn the art of scaling marketing operations to amplify reach and revenue without a budget hike. Optimize your marketing machine for efficiency and impact with strategic components and integrated tech. Explore the key steps to adapt, refine, and drive sustained growth.
Grants provide a critical source of funding for utility providers. And with program funding typically allocated to only one utility, our client, PECO, turned to FARM for support.

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