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What’s in? Everything. What’s out? Nothing. From understanding the latest trends to staying updated on algorithms, we cover it all. Keep reading to find out how you can make your social media strategy ready and hot to go.
What could be a more mouthwatering prospect than someone who’s already bought from you, already trusts you, and is likely to welcome your sales message rather than reject it? Here are three deceptively simple ways for you to make more money from your existing customers.
In a cosmic marketing feat, Tops Monopoly tickets soared to space, inspiring future explorers while boosting engagement. Watch the video!
It might seem counterintuitive to own up to your flaws in your marketing. But here’s why it’s one of the boldest and most admirable moves a company can make …
UTM tracking is a cornerstone in digital marketing, with its simplicity hiding its true potential. Beyond parameters, UTMs offer better campaign insights to improve your work and turn data into actionable insights.
Prevent SaaS customer churn and boost loyalty with these 6 proven strategies. Say goodbye to lost customers and hello to lifelong advocates.
The 2024 eclipse sparked people all over the US to travel to the path of totality and then google why their eyes hurt. What else did we search? From eclipse glasses to Twilight Eclipse, the internet had a field day.
Everything can be copy. Especially those hushed, hidden patches of real estate where your reader doesn’t see it coming. Here’s the proof …
One of the highlights of a marketing agency’s calendar is attending the American Advertising Awards, hosted by AAF Buffalo. It’s a night to celebrate the incredible advertising work that comes out of the Buffalo area, with awards for print, online, film, integrated campaigns, and more. This year, we walked away
As tempting as it may be to lead with your product or service, you have to win your audience over with empathy first. Answering these questions will ensure that the balance between doubt and believability will be in your favor.
Quality web form design is crucial for efficient data management in marketing. Clean data leads to accurate targeting, increased engagement, and customer trust. It also provides insights into consumer behavior, enabling real-time strategy adjustments. Creating web forms compatible with CRM systems is essential for transforming disorganized data into valuable information
All your historical data in Universal Analytics is going away in July 2024. These three tips will help you manage the transition and keep the data you need for future reporting.
AI may be reshaping the way some people work. But here are three examples that prove real, live copywriters will always be superior to their chatbot rivals.
Want to save money on postage and enhance your customers’ mailing experience? Here’s an overview of the six USPS promotions for 2024 with reasons why the more mail you send, the more money you can save on direct mail campaigns.
Your prospect doesn’t care enough about your product to just grab ‘n’ go. They want to know how your product can benefit them before they commit. The easiest way to do that is by structuring your pitch in this proven framework.
What’s the one thing you can use to make your copy infinitely better? Your voice. See how reading your copy out loud can help you make your words sing off the page.
Why do we get ideas in the shower? Or in the middle of the night? Or when we’re on a walk? It’s because our unconscious mind is wired for it.
Gone are the Mad Men days of massive budgets with limited accountability. Clients expect a measurable return on their marketing investment. See how a thoughtful and calculated approach to account strategy can influence strategic media planning and set your agency media team up for success.
Do you know the conversation going on in your customer’s head? If so, “pathological empathy” will open the doors to forging stronger connections with your audience.
Learn the art of scaling marketing operations to amplify reach and revenue without a budget hike. Optimize your marketing machine for efficiency and impact with strategic components and integrated tech. Explore the key steps to adapt, refine, and drive sustained growth.
Your origin story is arguably the most ownable aspect of your brand. It’s a singular experience spoken from a singular voice. If you haven’t explored the tale of how you came to be, here are some tips to help you get your first draft down.
Direct mail is a great tool when used in conjunction with other marketing campaigns. It can be used to deliver a message, develop a brand, generate short-term return, or gather important customer and prospect information.
Storytelling is a proven way for you to forge a connection with your audience. So, why do some marketers insist on letting their benefits do the talking instead?
One final step remains before the migration to GA4 is complete: handling your Universal Analytics historical data. Knowing it’s leaving at the end of 2023, you need to decide what you need to keep and how you’re going to store it before it’s gone.
Every great story has tension—including your brand’s. See how picking a fight with an opposing force uses the power of contrast to convey your product’s superiority.
You wouldn’t expect a salesperson to cut his pitch short to beat the traffic home. But so many marketers favor brevity over doing a complete selling job. Here are the steps you need to take before putting your offer on the table.
The Von Restorff Effect (also known as the “isolation effect”) is the human tendency to notice and recall things that stand out. And if you’re not using it in your marketing, you risk blending in with everything surrounding your message.
Uncover the power of customer journey mapping and understand how it shapes successful strategies. Explore the significance of customer interviews, data automation, and tailoring maps for different segments. Discover the benefits of mapping different stages and personas, fostering loyalty, and gaining a competitive advantage. Get practical tips and a template
Your first sentence’s job is to make someone read the next one. So, why do legions of sales and marketing professionals insist on beginning their emails with this manipulative greeting? (Let’s hope you’re not one of them.)
Just because you’ve identified a viable candidate for your product or service doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy. First, you need to figure out their current mindset and let that drive where you begin the conversation. Let these five stages of audience awareness guide you.
Regain power from digital vendors, their fancy words, and stock imagery with data. Data is the great equalizer if you know how to read the tea leaves. In this article, we’ll explore a few ways you can source and utilize some of the best data out there—your own.
We’re twice as motivated to run from pain than to run toward pleasure. Check out three ways to position your product or service as relief from any pain or loss your prospect is feeling (or trying to avoid).
The more focus you can place—and keep—on your reader, the more likely they’ll do what you ask. Put the focus on yourself, and the more likely they won’t. Here’s how to get the balance right between you and your audience.
Data visualization is a key way to improve performance. But what does it actually entail? Keep reading to learn more about what it is and the benefits it can bring to your team (as well as some ideas for getting started).
Through firsthand experience, I know that an agency-client relationship can be woefully flawed or a whopping success. I have boiled down my experiences, victories, and failures into six tips that can help steer your partnership from good to great, so you can maximize what you get from your agency partners.
The closer you are to your customers, the longer they’ll stick around. Maybe even spread the word. This isn’t about building brand loyalty. It’s about the smaller steps you can take to continually remind your customer that they were right to choose you.
Google Analytics is more engagement-focused, which means how things are measured is changing. Keep reading to learn about the new GA4 metrics and what they mean for you.
Repurposing your content isn’t just convenient—it’s smart marketing. Do it right and you can juice every drop of value from the assets you spent hours, weeks, or even longer building.
Marketing is complex, and it takes serious dedication to be a savvy marketer. Think about anyone you admire in the field. It can be a peer, boss, or industry expert. They all carry the same common trait at the heart of their approach, a growth mindset.
Good writing has a musical quality. And just like you can hear a wonky note in a song, it’s not hard to detect where something may be a little off in your copy. Here are three things to listen for when you review your next draft.
Your audience makes emotional decisions faster than rational ones. That’s why you should always set the hook with feelings. These eight inborn desires can help you connect your product or service to what your customers want at their most primal human level.
Just when you thought you figured out the algorithm on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, they turn around and make another update. And if you don’t keep up, your posts have less chance to be seen—and engaged with. Here, we share some of the latest changes and
When you’re working within the confined space of a landing page or the character limitations of a paid social ad, you need to make every word count. Discover how you can use fewer words to keep your message tight without sacrificing its pulling power.
Analyzing the importance of scores relative to one another allows me to prioritize and understand the strength of each priority relative to each other.
Are you needlessly killing ideas before they have a chance to mature? See how the creative process really works, how you should approach it, and why it’s kinda like washing a pig.
There’s never a good reason to make your copy feel like an SAT prep test. The simpler the message, the greater the chance your reader will be drawn in, follow along, and do what you ask. Here’s some 90-year-old copy advice that still works to help you connect with your
The migration to GA4 poses a question for all marketers: what do we do with our data? Updated data retention policies mean you can’t keep it forever. So, what options do you have left? Fortunately, we have answers.
It’s time to make the transition to GA4, but where should you start? This guide will review the upcoming changes and the steps you need to take as you migrate to your new Google Analytics property.
Have you ever thought about what your customers’ lives would be like without your product or service? Madness, right? Discover how you can create desire for your product or service by having someone imagine their life without it.
Even the savviest marketers can find content planning overwhelming. There are various content types to choose from and even more ways to share. And how do you know what’s best for your audience? What about performance? How should you determine those goals? Downloads? Shares? Comments? Yes, there’s a lot to
We’re in the emotions business, you and me. And if you want someone to do something, you need to tap into feelings—not squawk about features. Here are three emotional triggers proven to help you reel in your audience.
These are the words that stand between you and the only thing your audience cares about—themselves. Even the smartest marketers can unknowingly make this avoidable blunder. Could you be one of them?
If you haven’t checked in on your audience’s buying behaviors in a while, you’re missing opportunities to sell them. Keep your communications relevant with these three easy ways to capture authentic voice-of-the-customer data.
Your sales message should shepherd your prospect through every reason why they should buy your product, while draining every objection along the way. Follow this advice and you’ll fail every time.
Grants provide a critical source of funding for utility providers. And with program funding typically allocated to only one utility, our client, PECO, turned to FARM for support.
All successful companies are customer-obsessed. They know their customers and work hard to serve the needs they have today and those of tomorrow. The best companies have the humility to know that customers choose what products they buy or how to spend their time. They also know that customer loyalty
We’ve reviewed best practices for approaching your audience and creative specific to email marketing (if you haven’t read them yet, I would 11/10 recommend). However, email marketing is only as successful as its foundation—the technical requirements behind the campaign.
social media and passed by something that caught your eye? No, of course not. Because the creative was written and designed to get your attention. And it worked. When a brand’s creative doesn’t connect with its target audiences, it results in unrealized ROI.
Digital marketing is comprised of many different tactics, offering a great advantage to your marketing strategy to keep your brand relevant, fresh, and directly in your audiences’ face. A great way to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds is email marketing. But in the last decade, email marketing has
Your customers have multiple touchpoints with your brand. Knowing where those points of contact are and if your customers are having a positive experience are critical to growing a successful business. Every touchpoint creates some form of data and knowing how to collect and aggregate that data is vital to
Data-driven decision-making is key when it comes to marketing. Good data leads to good questions, which ultimately leads to good solutions. Learn more on our blog!
Thinking about creating an Instagram for your business? Before you start posting, make sure you’re set up for success. Read our latest blog to learn how.
If you want to make sure your message resonates with your intended audience, ad testing is an essential step. Here’s how we use ad testing to craft stronger messages.
Staying in your comfort zone isn’t always best for your marketing strategy. Neither is jumping into a plan that’s overly ambitious. Sometimes planning your marketing strategy can be like selecting the right wave.
Getting customers to flock to your brand is about more than employing some new marketing tactics. You need to create desire. Learn how in our latest blog.
FARM provides marketing support to a local children’s theatre company, Theatre of Youth, as they rebuild after the pandemic. Learn more on our blog.
Using branded GIFs on social media can help your company stand out, engage followers, and increase brand awareness. Learn more on our blog.
Enduring client-agency relationships have become fewer and farther between. Learn why your relationship with your agency should feel more like a connection, and less like a transaction.
Learn more on our blog about FARM’s recent brand refresh, and how investing in your brand can make it your company’s most valuable asset.
Part two of FARM’s Buzzword Breakdown series. We examine social media data scraping, its pros and cons, and if you should incorporate it into your marketing strategy.
Learn about the growth of user-generated content, its benefits, and why you should consider adding this cost-effective strategy to your marketing toolbox. 3 minute read
Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of connected TV for advertising, and why you should consider increasing your connected TV spend in 2021.
Like many, you may be wondering if your data from 2020 has any value. Learn more about how you can use data to predict shifting consumer behavior in 2021.
As we gladly say goodbye to 2020, we polled our Cultivators to ask what they resolve this new year.
It’s never been more vital for businesses to maintain a positive brand identity. See our blog for three online reputation management tips to expand your reach during a pandemic.
Holiday shopping trends look a bit different in 2020. See how our client provided the convenient shopping experience their customers needed this year.
Research shows that marketers may need to consider how COVID-19 is redefining their target audience and pivot their marketing strategy. Learn more here.
Check out best practices for the shift in shopping behavior from in-store to e-commerce purchasing.
Learn more about why alcohol brands should take the on-premise experience online to maintain customer engagement during the pandemic.
Financial services institutions still need to be marketing to Gen X. Learn more about the opportunities of this overlooked audience and how to reach them.
Do you think politics affects your marketing campaigns? Check out our blog to find out what to do next.
FARM receives prestigious Diamond Award for serving as marketing partner to Graycliff, Darwin and Isabelle Martin’s Frank Lloyd Wright designed summer home.
The most effective way to convert your leads to sales is by building relationships. Learn more about lead nurturing for high-value prospects on our blog.
Marketers are challenged to generate leads from fully virtual events. Learn how to create a comparable experience and engage your prospects in a new way.
Millennials are changing and your marketing strategy for them should be too. Learn how to evolve your financial services marketing so it still resonates.
We at FARM were named market partner with Georgia-Pacific Building Products; the largest producer of structural wood panels in North America.
Join us in congratulating Larry Robb after being named the Buffalo District Small Business Person of the Year.
Learn how the different learning types can help you tailor your marketing strategy.
Here are four effective ideas to bring life to your insurance multi-channel marketing strategy. Learn more on our blog!
Understand the value of strategic partnerships during the pandemic.
Learn how to choose the right path for your media dollars during this election season.
Learn how the fear of failure can fuel your next idea.
How past experience can help you turn your goals into a future opportunity.
Understand how buyer personas can help your business succeed.
How we approached working from home with our partners and community.
Are you interested in an audio streaming campaign but don't know where to star? Check out this blog to get started!
If you’ve ever received an email opening with “Dear [first name]” that got your name wrong, or even worse, didn’t include your name at all, then you know how frustrating it is.
Let us help choose the best video conferencing tools to help your team work from home.
Prepare for the best, and worst, case scenario for back to school during COVID-19.
How can your campaign voice impact your customers and your clients? Check out our blog to find out!
Is direct mail the best choice or a thing of the past? Check out our blog to find out!
Learn 10 best practices on writing your market research survey questions.
With the changes over the past year, check out some best practices to update your campaigns as the country reopens.
Check out some technologies to assist with your customer communication.
The Baird Foundation partnered with Buffalo Delaware District Council Member Joel Feroleto and acclaimed local artist Chuck Tingley to add a new mural to Buffalo’s burgeoning public art scene. We jumped at the chance to provide public relations support.
Learn how higher education can impact your business and campaigns.
Finding love and comfort in the kitchen as a family and as marketers.
During uncertain times, FARM is here to help.
What is the best way to adapt to the pandemic while keeping not only your business, but your consumers, in mind?
Understand how stability plays an important role in your business.
Check out some best practices for financial marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
If you have an automotive dealer as a client, learn how to be there for them during the pandemic.
Business plans must be adaptable and fluid. Here are 5 tips to keep your marketing moving.

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