Good for Good: Aiding Our Community in Times of Crisis

Earlier this year, like people in so many other companies, our Cultivators began to work from home. At the time, we had expected to be back together after a few weeks. But when it became clear that those weeks would turn into months, we knew FARM needed to lift spirits internally and also lend our support to our community.

A team came together to brainstorm ideas on how we as an agency could create continuous positivity through the sharing of uplifting gestures, interactions, and happenings during and after our time of social distancing. Our goal was to develop a sustained effort, and to distinguish this effort from the singular pops of “good” we all saw on social media. The result was dubbed “Good for Good.” In addition to showcasing our staff’s efforts to make the best of our lives in lockdown, we sought to identify a local organization who was going above and beyond to make an impact on our community. We connected with Operation Protect Our Protectors (OPOP), a volunteer-run organization whose mission is to provide free masks to essential workers and anyone else in need and offered our marketing support to further their important efforts.

They enthusiastically accepted our offer!

Working with Operation Protect Our Protectors

We assembled a team specializing in various disciplines across the agency—from creative to public relations to social media and more—and got to work. First, we wanted to create a logo to uniquely represent their mission and ongoing goals. The result was inspired by a fused look of a shield and mask. Once we created a foundational brand, we proceeded to help with messaging counsel.

Our plan started with the goal of refreshing the nonprofit’s messaging to ensure clear communication of their mission and goals. The themes were accompanied by new, illuminating pieces of information, especially around continued need for PPE and the impact on recipients. As time went on and the situation continued to evolve around us, we realized our secondary goal would be to shift perceptions. As the requirements for masks continued to grow far beyond healthcare settings, OPOP was here to help support the community.

We pitched local news to tell the story of OPOP’s progress and to explain to the public that the need for masks is still incredibly great, particularly because the “frontline” has shifted and we are preparing to reopen schools. Channel 4, our local CBS affiliate, agreed to share the news and increase awareness around OPOP’s mission. Within days of the story airing, OPOP had received more than 2,000 requests for masks from local schools!

The final step in our partnership was helping OPOP to grow their presence on their digital channels. Focusing on Facebook, Instagram, and their website, our goal was to use these vehicles to boost awareness, their following, and ultimately donations. With social and email marketing strategy recommendations, FARM helped them to create a cohesive brand look and voice, further supporting them in delivering relevant and consistent messaging to their audience.

FARM has been our most valuable partner in our efforts to provide masks to those in need. With their expertise ranging from digital design to strategy and overall collaboration on our brand and messaging, we have been able to scale our operation’s message and reach, allowing us to support the community in a much more streamlined and powerful way.” – Peter Genovese, Co-Founder, Operation Protect Our Protectors

FARM is proud that our Good for Good team comprised of talented, integrated marketing professionals were able to help this incredible organization expand their reach. Through our support, OPOP can make a bigger impact on meeting our community’s needs for safety. For more information on Operation Protect Our Protectors and their mission, follow them on Facebook or check out their website.

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