Tops Friendly Markets and the pandemic; how we created a summer campaign during COVID-19.
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How do you plan for the unknown? The COVID-19 pandemic came on fast and furiously, shutting the entire world down in a way most had never seen. Along with it came the uncertainty of what life would look like in a few months, days, or even hours.

Tops Friendly Markets, a locally owned full-service supermarket chain, not only kept their doors open to provide food and other essentials, but also worked around the clock to adapt operating procedures to new protocols—creating a clean, well-stocked environment to keep shoppers and their families safe. This also meant that Tops, having traditionally operated in a highly promotional business model, had to pivot from pre-planned marketing and recognize that what shoppers needed most in this trying time was a message of comfort and support.

Tops Friendly Markets: Ready For You

Newsfeeds and airwaves became flooded with facts and figures of COVID-19, the associated risks, and what businesses were doing to combat the spread. So, when Tops approached us asking for help in creating messaging for the months ahead, we chose to incorporate a bit of sunshine alongside support, ensuring their theme would rise to the top.

It was impossible to predict exactly how the upcoming summer would look, so we infused the campaign with messaging and imagery flexible enough to last throughout the season, while remaining relatable and relevant as things evolved. More than here for you right now, the campaign promises, Tops will be ready for you as life continues to change and you step out of the uncertainty.

Inspired by hazy days filled with sunshine and tasty treats, reflective of those summer moments we all know and love, a food-forward visual execution is paired with classic, soft typography and a warm, earthy color palette. The first-person point of view helps reinforce a feeling of looking forward to bright, fun-filled days, while also subliminally putting viewers in the shoes of those experiencing these happy moments. A video execution pairs these visuals with a laid-back, catchy music track, delivering reassurance that Tops is ready for you—with a safe, clean environment and all the delicious summer foods you crave, so you can savor every minute of the season.

FARM is here to provide guidance and a fresh perspective on your marketing during these challenging and uncertain times. Interested in learning how we can help move your business forward with continued purpose? Drop us a line.

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