The Spark You’re Looking For

Deceptively simple in size, the humble spark plug is anything but a pipsqueak. This unassuming device lives to ignite its surroundings with the singular aim of inspiring forward motion. It is a workhorse, a constant fire starter with the power to decide whether you’re going places—or staying where you are.

As an automotive industry expert, you know this. And we know it too. In fact, it’s the foundation of what we deliver to leading automotive companies around the nation. From billion-dollar market leaders like Cox Automotive to scrappy start-ups, FARM delivers marketing that powers better performance.


Ignite Your Marketing

Our proven expertise in B2B automotive marketing is unmatched, built upon our foundational knowledge and unique insights that enable our clients to engage dealers with confidence and precision. We don’t just know dealerships on an operational level. We understand dealers’ behaviors, anxieties, and needs—actionable intelligence that informs our strategic approach from start to finish.

See the work.

You want results and you want them yesterday. So, here’s a small sample of how we bring our clients’ brands to life out in the wild.

Kelley Blue Book Logo
Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer isn’t just about creating transactions—it’s about connecting people. Leveraging consumer and dealer stories from the product as inspiration, this campaign showcases the value Kelley Blue Books brings to people across the nation.
Dealertrack Logo

How foundational research informed brand positioning that made a $4 billion Cox Automotive acquisition worth every penny.

XTime Logo

How we used data targeting, persona profiling, and reporting to determine the go-to-market strategy for a suite of automotive dealership software solutions.

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