Clarksburg Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hard Cider with Mint Label

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You’d think aging hard cider in bourbon barrels would be enough for some people. But for those who hang onto that Derby Day spirit long after the fancy hats have been boxed, Clarksburg added a zing of fragrant spearmint to keep the party going. For us, it was a chance to bring custom illustrations into the label without losing the overall look of Clarksburg’s barrel-aged series.
Award Winner

Our label uses the Clarksburg barrel-aged series’ signature shape, typography, and detailed illustrations. But for the mint flavor, we paired custom apple illustrations with a jockey and horse as a nod to the Derby’s signature drink.

We included a barrel series badge with a mint illustration. Then, we finished the label with a spot coating to add a slight texture and catch glints of light.

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