Clarksburg Tequila Barrel-Aged Hard Cider Label

Consumer packaging branding and design

The second flavor in Clarksburg’s barrel-aged series, their tequila barrel-aged flavor gave us an opportunity to explore fresh artwork, a new story, and a clear bottle with a neck label to mirror the look of many premium tequilas on the market.

Of course, we would never have been inspired enough to create such stunning packaging without tasting the product first. And then a second time just to be sure we nailed it.
Award Winner

The simple white label was inspired by traditional tequila bottle label styles, accented by the blue green color pulled from the agave plant.

Part of Clarksburg’s barrel-aged series, the label maintains the barrel frame shape on the front panel and includes a barrel series badge with agave illustration. And for an extra smile, every hard cider flavor gets its own whimsical story.

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