We helped our client, ConnectLife, execute a campaign to communicate the need for blood donations in Western New York.
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There are not many things we know for certain as we venture further into 2021.

We do not know when we will feel “normal” again, what the next reopening phases will look like, or even what’s next in Buffalo sports history. However, one fact that remains is that there will always be a constant need for blood donations. We know this all too well as we continue working closely with our partners at ConnectLife, Western New York’s only local blood center.

Throughout the pandemic and much of 2020, our message remained the same to our neighbors here in Western New York—We are critically low on blood. Now comes the next challenge—making sure our shelves never go bare again.

Our job is clear in communicating what we all need to do to keep our community stocked with local blood; we must not only donate when we get the ask or see the urgent need, we must also remember to make that next appointment and make it part of our new routine.

Keep Good Going

In our latest campaign, we speak to the mission of “Keep Good Going.” We have all done so much to rally together while staying apart, now we must remember that the need for blood donations will continue even after our current crisis is over.

Blood only has a shelf life of 42 days, so there will always be a need to replenish. In just one major trauma in an emergency room, an entire day of blood supply could be wiped out. We never know when we or someone we love may need life-saving blood and we must ensure it is readily available.

Using custom illustrations and positive messaging across video and radio, we demonstrate the impact someone can make on three peoples’ lives with just one donation, reiterating that we all have the power to do good.

Our messaging and pleas throughout 2020 yielded the supply that was critical in the moment, and now we continue steering the course ahead. Take a step back and think about this. Would you ever leave a dentist or salon without writing down that next upcoming appointment?

Let’s resolve to have the same mentality when it comes to donating blood in 2021. In less than an hour, you can save three lives. Let’s commit to doing that four times this year and keep good going.

Get started and schedule your appointment right at ConnectLifeGiveBlood.org (one down, three to go!). And, to see more of the work we’re doing with local clients like ConnectLife, check out our work.

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