Origami Flower Box Mailer

Copywriting, design, and custom packaging

When you want to let someone know you’re thinking of them during a tough time, you send a card. Maybe even flowers. But when a colleague of ours in Estonia was recovering from surgery, we decided to propel our “get well” game into a new orbit.

From the original poem to our hand-folded flowers, we crafted everything using seed paper so our kindness would live on from gift to garden. And if you’re wondering how we found the perfect box to hold everything … we made that too.
Award Winner
Image of letter on top of wooden box with origami flowers inside.
Close up of a letter with poetry written on it.
Close up images of origami flowers inside of a wooden box.
List of Awards:
  • GOLD – Advertising/Media Industry Self-Promotion– 2023
  • LOCAL AWARD – Creative Use of Paper – 2023
  • SILVER – District-Level ADDY Award: Direct Advertising – 2023
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