Graycliff Capital Campaign Brochure

Copywriting, design, print production

When you want to raise a few bucks for your kid’s youth hockey league, you might send a few emails. But when you need $6 million to build a new visitor’s center at a renowned Frank Lloyd Wright property, you gotta bring some serious heat.

After helping raise $8.2 million to restore Graycliff’s house and grounds, FARM was tapped to write, design, and produce a 12-page booklet to persuade potential donors to support the next phase of fundraising. With stunning imagery, a nature-driven color palette, and easy navigation, we created a piece to help lead Graycliff’s appeal toward achieving a modern and moving visitor experience.
Award Winner

We brought in swatches of some of the proposed materials so readers would feel like they were looking at the plans with us.

We used the architect’s renderings of the plans throughout to help readers imagine what the future center would look like.

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