ICOM North American Meeting

Event marketing with identity creation, branded collateral, signage, and swag

Event marketing, with all its moving parts and multiple players, can be summed up in a single word: pressure. Get it right and you’re the talk of the conference. Foul it up and you’re still the talk of the conference, but for all the wrong reasons.

So, when we had to create the experience for ICOM’s North American Regional Meeting, the heat was on. It wasn’t only because FARM is part of ICOM’s global network of independent marketing agencies. But we were also hosting the annual meeting, our work permeating every corner of the conference happenings, shivering in the judgment of our industry peers.
Award Winner

Our WTF theme paired a bold font with bright colors to electrify our logo lockup. This was accented by a simple line drawing, its movement reminding us that our business isn’t linear and sometimes caught in a tangle of uncertainty.

From the meeting agenda to the name tags and everywhere in between, we never missed an opportunity for our WTF theme to energize our guests.

WTF branded shades, stickers, and t-shirts wowed our guests as they settled into their hotel rooms.

List of Awards:
  • SILVER – ADDY Award: Copywriting – 2023
  • SILVER – ADDY Award: Visual-Logo Design – 2023
  • SILVER – ADDY Award: Integrated Media Campaign – 2023
  • SILVER – ADDY Award: Collateral for Special Event Materials – 2023
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