FARM develops an automotive marketing campaign for Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer that gets dealers to rethink how they attract more used-car inventory.
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The coronavirus pandemic threw sales projections into a tailspin for many industries as consumer behavior shifted to accommodate new ways of working and living. This was certainly true for automotive vehicle sales as so many of us were largely housebound and the pandemic disrupted supply chains.

In the automotive industry, automakers were struggling with new-car production due to an international shortage of computer chips which put pressure on the used-car side of automotive retail sales at dealerships. That pressure, coupled with pent-up demand, low interest rates, and cash-rich consumers (due to higher savings and government stimulus payments), led to more demand than there was supply.

Our client Kelley Blue Book was well-positioned to help dealers solve the market challenge of inventory scarcity with Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer. Their solution connects automotive dealers directly with consumers who are ready to sell or trade in their cars and drive away in one from the dealership. The product creates a more efficient way for dealers to acquire preowned inventory, and consumers know they can trust Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer to deliver a transparent trade-in process, making it a win-win scenario.

Kelley Blue Book needed a strategy to get dealers excited during a difficult time about a new way to acquire inventory. As their marketing partner, FARM developed a comprehensive campaign around the Laws of Attraction to illustrate how Instant Cash Offer attracts transaction-ready shoppers to dealers’ lots in droves.

Kelley Blue Book and several other Cox Automotive brands partner with FARM because we have a long-standing knowledge of automotive marketing and use research-based insights to develop effective campaigns that stand out from the typical car clutter and get results. Here, we pulled inspiration from nature to create a multi-level campaign that spread across print, digital, and video.

To find out more about how FARM can help you successfully navigate your evolving market, drop us a line. We’d love to have a conversation.

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