Thermory Sample Box Mailer

Design, print production

Whatever you’re marketing, presentation always matters. But when you sell a luxury product, you need to leave your customers speechless with desire. Thermory, a manufacturer of high-end, interior and exterior wood products, used to send samples to customers in ordinary brown boxes, hardly befitting their contents. We knew they could do better. The tricky part was turning corrugated cardboard packaging into a vessel that could support the weight of the wood while also projecting the sophistication of the Thermory brand. So, working with a printing partner who refused to back down from a challenge, we designed a piece that was both visually stunning and functionally stable.
Award Winner

Working with our printer, we configured a system that reduced the number of folds and seams.

Next, we added a layer on top of the corrugated material that we could print on, hiding the seams and allowing for the branding elements.

Our final product was a sophisticated and durable piece that brought to life what our client had envisioned.

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