We helped our client TruckLabs create a new brand identity to showcase how they are changing the way the trucking industry innovates.
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Last month our client TruckLabs, formerly XStream Trucking, announced its new name to the public. Since being founded in 2014, XStream Trucking’s identity was connected with its patented technology to improve semi-tractor-trailer truck aerodynamics. That product, TruckWings, has helped XStream Trucking become extremely successful, logging more than 100 million miles of experience, tripling sales in 2020, and developing close relationships with major fleets. Continuing the momentum of their success, they sought a new identity that better showcases the company’s role in bringing engineering solutions, grounded in research and data, to the trucking industry.

With their new company name, TruckLabs, already established, they needed a brand that clearly depicted their mission of combining trucking with technology. They tasked us with establishing a logo and tagline for the new brand that would differentiate them from other trucking and technology companies. It needed to be all-encompassing and play well with their diverse audience and customer base. Lastly, the logo needed to clearly depict that TruckLabs is an umbrella brand for its growing suite of products.

Through a collaborative process, the creative team conceived a wide range of options that showcased ways to cleverly infuse trucking fleet with innovation. After the final logo was chosen, we developed logos for two of their product lines, TruckWings and TripDynamics. These logos were created to have their own identity (using separate primary colors for each brand) but kept the same font treatment as the parent logo, TruckWings, to ensure that they were all cohesive. We also developed brand guidelines that included logo uses, color palettes, and typography to help guide internal and external marketing initiatives and ensure the consistent use of their brand assets across all channels.

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